Wouter Springer


My study Journalism (CHS Windesheim, Zwolle, 2010) did not fit who I am, but I believe you have to finish what you started. So, after I got my degree I explored the creative industry. I produced branded content television programs, directed short movies and I have written two books. In 2018 I met fine arts. I realized drawing and painting creates silence in my head. 

It happens that I converge this work with other media, for instance with film/video, photo or animation. That's how I created audiovisual installations, which are shown in Berlin, Liège, Lille, Leipzig and Rotterdam - usually by participating in the Kino community

Beside fine arts I am a Dutch writer. This website is ment to exposure my fine arts. Are you interested in my work? Feel free to contact me for your next project or exhibition. 

(Upcoming) exhibitions, art fairs, performances


April 19 - 27: Kunstmoment Diepenheim, Diepenheim

date unknown yet: Beautysalon Guido Rieger, Rotterdam (SOLO)

Past exhibitions, art fairs, performances


February 1 - 4: Expo 701 - Werklicht, Rotterdam


The Colorfield Performance - Dirk Hakze, Park Lingezegen, Elst

Kwastwerk (@ Faas) - Kobalt & Co., Rotterdam

Het Experiment - Kobalt & Co., Rotterdam

Alphen Art Event (with Onlive on the Road), Alphen a/d Rijn

Droombeelden - SMAAK, Rotterdam (SOLO)

War for Breakfast - Galerie Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam

Onlive 2 Society - Galerie Alphen Art / STA-ART, Alphen a/d Rijn

701 - Werklicht (Rotterdam Art Week), Rotterdam

Maxi & Mini - Kobalt & Co. (Rotterdam Art Week), Rotterdam


Toksjoo op Zuid - Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam (SOLO)

HPLEE Expo - Café Hensepeter, Rotterdam (with Kazuma Eekman)

Hella de Boo en de Urban Sketchers - Nivon/Karmijn, Rotterdam

(during) Vino Kilo vintage kilo sale, Rotterdam (SOLO)

Wezens - Nivon/Karmijn, Rotterdam (with Alien Smid)

Kralingeroord in beeld - Galerie Kralingen, Rotterdam

Onlive - Galerie Alphen Art / STA-ART, Alphen a/d Rijn

No Taboo - Bookmark Collective/SodaFabriek, Schiedam

Tirana Art Colony - Galeria e artit Tiranë, Tirana (Albania)

Pakje Kunst pakt uit - Schoonoord Studio's, Rotterdam

Metertje stoep art sale - Schoonoord Studio's, Rotterdam

Art in Action - KunstSalon, (Rotterdam Art Week), Rotterdam

WNDRLND NO.3 - SPOONK Art Cantina, Leeuwarden

(during) Vino Kilo vintage kilo sale, Eindhoven (SOLO)

Comics, arts & beer - Rotown, Rotterdam


The Colorfield Performance - Dirk Hakze, Park Lingezegen, Elst

Kunstroute Kralingen/Crooswijk, Rotterdam

Karmijn in de Markthal - Karmijn, Rotterdam

Diversity in Art - Karmijn (Rotterdam Art Week), Rotterdam

Poëzie als Zeewind, Middelharnis

Publieke Werken - Maastunnel, Rotterdam


Comics, arts & beer - Rotown, Rotterdam